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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: A Chain Reaction of Positivity

Countless women have found that after laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery, which restores their vaginas to feeling, looking and functioning as they did pre-pregnancy, a wonderful chain reaction begins to unfold. This chain of positivity begins with returned feelings of youth and desirability, with a dramatic improvement in the quality of women’s sex lives. Beyond these […]

Your Medical History: Important Relation to YOUR Surgical Result!

As with any doctor’s appointment, it is important to provide your complete medical history in a comprehensive and detailed manner when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Jason. However, unlike other doctor’s appointments, a surgical consultation appointment includes an assessment of your unique ability to heal, which is directly related to your surgical […]

Inside Out: A reason for labiaplasty

Are you plagued with the embarrassment and discomfort that your inside vaginal lips (i.e., labia minora) are hanging below your outside vaginal lips (i.e., labia majora)? Women that have this issue are often ashamed to be nude with a partner and it prevents them from engaging in some sexual activities. Though many women suffer for […]

G-Spot Amplification or Tightening?

Many women come into our practice feeling that a G-Spot Amplification (a.k.a. G-Shot) will change their sexual gratification. This is absolutely true for women with normal vaginal diameters. The G-Shot has tremendous capacity to increase a woman’s sensitivity by increasing the size of the G-Spot for enhanced accessibility and subsequent intensified orgasms. However, for women […]

Vaginal Surgeons and Beyond: Specialty and Expertise as a Defining Characteristic of Great Doctors

In order to get the most focused and experienced doctor, you should look for a doctor that has a practice limited to a specialty. Too many doctors are going beyond the scope of what they were trained to do and the results are not what the patient deserves. Dr. Jason specializes in the vagina and […]

Creative financing

Many women seeking cosmetic procedures are deterred from reaching their goals due to financing difficulties. Many patients feel discouraged that a financing company has rejected them because of the economic situation around the globe. Subsequently, it has become harder and harder for people to finance many things that they want to do, including cosmetic procedures […]