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How to Make Married Sex like Single Sex

As single women, many ladies dream of the white picket fence, complete with the stability of a husband and kids to enjoy. There is however one area in which married ladies envy single ladies, and that is the passion and excitement of a new lover. It is not just men that long for the excitement […]

Change your Bedroom, Change your Sex Life

Look around your bedroom. Is it a cluttered reminder of all the things on your to do list? Is there unfolded laundry or a pile of bills? If this is the case, do a bedroom makeover! Take any stressful thing and put it somewhere else in your home. Replace it with candles, a flower, and […]

The necessity of sleep

Sleep has long been documented to have numerous benefits for our well-being (click for video compiled by Harvard researchers). Among these, sleep is extremely important in the process of healing, in that it allows the body to heal itself—either from normal day-to-day wear and tear, major injuries, keeping a strong immune system, or surgery. So, […]

Healing Power of Touch

Think back to the last time you touched someone—maybe a hug from a friend, a kiss from your partner, or perhaps holding your child’s hand. How did it feel? Touch is extremely powerful. Research shows that it has tremendous benefits, ranging from increases in the hormone oxytocin (which helps us feel close or bonded to […]

What Women Want: Feminine Genitalia

While we could go on forever detailing the numerous ways men and women differ, from how much they talk to willingness to ask for directions, anatomically-speaking, the main difference really comes down to one thing: genitalia. While the acceptance for labiaplasty is growing, there is still some confusion out there, in that some still struggle […]

Seeking Labiaplasty at a Young Age

With the internet and the extreme breadth of information to which it provides access, young women, younger than ever, are beginning to recognize when their labia aren’t within the ideal range and are seeking help. While on the one hand, it’s wonderful that they are able to learn that they are not alone and that […]

It’s in the Genes

Very often, women with long labia wonder, how did my labia get this way? Did I do something to create this? While of course those thoughts are normal, long labia can be inherited, just as any other feature (e.g., your mother’s nose, your grandmother’s cheekbones). In fact, a surprising number of young women seeking labiaplasty […]