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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) has players that share so many of the same goals and experiences. As you can imagine, these players’ women (wives and girlfriends) share a great deal of common experience as well. To name a few: the highs and lows of the wins and the losses; the thrill of being part […]

Parents and Partners Part I

So many of us go through life unaware of the true foundation of the relationships we involve ourselves in. The friends we choose, those extended family members we find ourselves closest to, and even the co-workers whom you enjoy more than others are all a result of natural gravitation’s towards those particular people. For some […]

It’s Amazing That Men and Women Ever Get Together

When it comes to communication, interests, philosophies, diet, TV shows, ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, what appetizers to share, or pretty much any category where the slightest probability of debate between opposite sexes can occur, bet your bottom dollar that it will. Among those debatable categories lies the concept of sexual stimulation and arousal. […]

Cheap Vagina Pays Twice

In life there is a cost/benefit relationship in every purchase that you make. Usually, the more personal benefit a particular good or service can offer to the consumer, the higher the cost will be. You may end up paying more for a steakhouse burger than you would at a fast food restaurant because of the […]

Empowering Women With Laser Vaginal Surgery

So many women have experienced tremendous frustration in that, certain parts of their anatomy, does not match the exuberance they feel in being a beautiful woman. The natural romanticism and sexuality a woman possesses becomes curbed. Those intimate nights with your partner where the mood is perfect, the music is right, the candles are glowing […]