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Inspiration: Strength is a Choice

In visiting a friend last night, I found myself in awe and inspired by her strength through adversity. My friend has suffered with numerous health issues, the latest being a diabetes complication which led to an amputation. From the beginning of being faced with this reality, she was not debilitated nor devastated, but instead maintained […]

The Vagina is an Engine that Needs Maintenance

Tender Loving Care—TLC: So many things in your life need this—your children, significant others, family, pets, your hair, your skin, your lawn, your car, and yes, even your vagina. Not unlike a car, your vagina needs routine, continuous care. On a regular basis, it is important to service it sexually, physically (aesthetically) and medically. For […]

Two Water Bottles

Imagine this: A woman, in preparation for bed each night, goes into the kitchen to retrieve two water bottles, one for her, one for her husband. Upon returning to the master bedroom, she discovers her husband has done the same thing. Night after night, the pattern repeats. What is wrong with this picture, you might […]

I love my…

Traditionally, women have always sought to change things about themselves. From hair color to styling products, cosmetics and plastic surgery, women have often focused on flaws and found ways to improve upon them. So, instead of seeing flaws and focusing on goals for change, what if we focused on our strengths and things we love? […]


Have you noticed that everywhere we go, people seem to not be present, but rather multi-tasking—glued to their iPhones or some other device? This incessant multi-tasking coupled with constant rushing (so often because a few minutes too much were spent on Facebook or googling something else) can lead us to lose touch with so much […]

When You Have to Choose One: Tightening or Labiaplasty?

Many women come in with multiple concerns which warrant both tightening (i.e., Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) and labiaplasty (i.e., Designer Laser Vaginoplasty). While many find a way or can afford to have both simultaneously, not all women are as fortunate. For those women, when you can only afford to have one at a time, which do […]

No Joke: Recommendations for Hair Removal

Ladies, we cannot say this enough: Get recommendations for wherever you choose to have your grooming done!! We’ve already written about it (Where You Wax Matters), but it’s worth another mention. Hair removal techniques, including waxing and laser hair removal, when performed incorrectly can have terrible, painful consequences. Both can result in serious burns if […]

Intimate Communication after Pregnancy

It’s no secret that having a baby impacts a woman’s body tremendously! Feet stretch, libido decreases, your stomach and hips appear bigger than they used to be, breasts swell and subsequently shrink, among other things. Notably, the vagina stretches significantly to allow for baby to enter the world, and while over time, in many cases, […]

Relationship Conflict: Prevent Scars that Don’t Heal

Conflict in any relationship is inevitable. You both have needs and sometimes they may not line up. However, when arguments happen, it’s important to fight fairly, as unfairly executed arguments often leave emotional scars that last. These scars from unfair arguments, in which past perceived transgressions are brought up and accusations are repeated time and […]

How to Date Your Husband

…and not letting life get in the way of your marriage   Do you ever think back to how you were when you first starting seeing your husband? The way you would flirt and look at one another, dress up at every opportunity, and thoughtfully make plans. What did you do and say on those […]