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Love is a Verb

Many women walk through our doors not only looking to fix their bodies, but also to find love or rekindle love they once had. Historically, women have longed for the moment that men tell them, “I love you.” However, the sophisticated woman knows that I love you is nothing more than an empty promise if […]

Where You Wax Matters

With the weather getting warmer and swimsuit season briskly approaching, ladies are beginning to pay extra attention to their bikini line and grooming habits. For those of you who choose to wax, be it bikini, Brazilian, or otherwise, be sure to choose a reputable place. Use word of mouth, ask friends, read online reviews, and […]

Plan to Manage Stress during Your Recovery

It is a well-documented phenomenon that stress adversely affects healing. While it is impossible to stop the inevitable stress of living, such as stress that teenage children, deadlines at work, or unexpected instances of illness or death of loved ones brings, it is important to be aware of stressors you can control, should you choose […]

Man-opause: Decreases in Men’s Sex Drive with Age

As we all know, the human body and our behavior change with age, and this is no different within the context of a sexual relationship. At the onset of puberty, boys are thinking about sex much more than girls, while girls are thinking of maybe getting a boyfriend or even a kiss, and worrying about […]

Fecal incontinence following childbirth, with vaginal relaxation

Following childbirth, vaginal relaxation is a widely-recognized (and somewhat common sense) side effect. As such, many mothers experience decreased pleasure during sex due to a decrease in friction, which occurs because of the loosened state of the vagina. While recently, this phenomenon has become more widely recognized and discussed by the media, increasing the public’s […]

Valuing Yourself

How many of us are more generous with our compliments to other than we are to ourselves? How many mothers put their family’s needs first, to the extent that they let themselves go, or forget who they are as individuals? The answer: unfortunately, a lot. It’s difficult to juggle numerous obligations–between taking care of work, […]

Hysterectomy: One of many treatment options

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure during which a woman’s uterus is removed, and in the past has been used as a first-line treatment for a wide variety of gynecological issues, including cancer (cervical, uterine, ovarian), fibroids, heaving menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, and pelvic pain. However, in the 21st century, hysterectomy has become just one of many […]

Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy, whether planned or not, yields major life changes for women. While a new baby can bring tremendous joy, they also bring stress, as young children require a lot of care. This stress is often felt most among women who experienced a surprise pregnancy and do not have a stable romantic partner, as all the […]

The list

The thing about being a woman, or even human, is that life brings both good and bad, and with the bad—the things however little or small that create pain—comes the desire for change. One of our patients’ stories speaks to this point, and how to deal with these goals effectively in order to build the […]

New Vagina, New Life

Many women who have endured years of unhappy marriages, either loveless or even abusive, eventually get the strength to move on. Many women opt for vaginal surgery at this point in their lives as part of their new beginning. When they chose to have Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, the laser removes the stretched out tissue, refreshing […]