When it comes to communication, interests, philosophies, diet, TV shows, ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, what appetizers to share, or pretty much any category where the slightest probability of debate between opposite sexes can occur, bet your bottom dollar that it will. Among those debatable categories lies the concept of sexual stimulation and arousal.

There is some validity in the saying “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” Not in the fact that opposing sexes ancestry stems from planets so far apart their distance is measured in light years, but in that our chemical makeup isn’t even the same.

Men, ever since the day of the cave man, have had this predisposed notion that it is in the best interest of humanity for them to spread their seed and create as many replicas of themselves as possible. While adversely, the woman, biologically and spiritually possesses an innate ability to understand that, if sexual relations do occur, their role would be to nurture, guide, and dedicate their lives for the child.

It’s understandable how the idea of bearing a child in your womb for nine months could put a damper on the sexual stimulation or arousal a woman would normally feel if all outcomes were equal. The man on the other hand, who has limited responsibility in bearing a child, does not have the same hesitation when it comes to having sex for that very reason. In other words, it’s much easier to sexually stimulate a man than a woman.

The cycle continues today. If a man comes home after a bad day at work where everything went wrong yet the woman makes sexual advances, the man instantly becomes stimulated and would be happy to welcome the escape from their troubles. Now take a woman, throw some traffic in her day, mix it with the local Starbucks getting her order wrong, and top it off with the fact that she has a meeting after work hours to go over the new bathroom policy in the office, and you give birth to the saying “hell hath no fury like a women’s scorn.” Sex is the last thing on her mind. In fact, make the same sexual advances which previously worked on you on her, but do it at your own risk.

Sex just isn’t looked at the same by the opposing sexes. Men just need to be touched while women need to be heard, seduced, and romanced, whether married or dating.

A well educated Martian should know that if he wants to give in to his biological excitement and pursue a sexual encounter, it won’t be easy. Sex isn’t as casual for women as it is for a man, which brings up an interesting concept… It’s amazing that men and women ever get together…