While numerous qualities are important in choosing your surgeon (such as many quality before and after pictures, your doctor’s training & experience, etc.), you should pay attention to your feelings during the process, too. This may sound unorthodox, or maybe isn’t what you expected, but it’s important to consider your feelings along with the facts!

Choosing to have an intimate surgery, such as laser vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, or other designer laser vaginoplasty, is a thoughtful choice, and one for which you want the best doctor for the job! In choosing your surgeon, pay attention during your consultation with him or her. As you’re walking out of your physician’s office after your vaginal surgery consult, ask yourself:

  • Do you feel the doctor was thorough?
  • Did you find the office comfortable?
  • Did the doctor answer all your questions?
  • Do you feel the doctor gave you enough time?
  • Was the staff courteous?
  • Overall, was your consult a positive experience?

Hopefully, you answered yes to all these questions! Ultimately, your best patient experience will result from you working with a doctor who is qualified, thorough, and makes you personally feel comfortable, in a warm, yet professional office environment.