Each year, doctors are offered the opportunity to re-certify in their areas of specialty. Recertification entails testing on numerous new research findings, requiring doctors to constantly keep up with journal articles and to consistently add novel breadth and depth to their knowledge-base. Essentially, recertification ensures that doctors are always aware of the newest developments in the field, to guarantee the highest level of patient care. Doctors who recertify regularly demonstrate their willingness to continue to grow professionally, which ultimately is in the best interest of the patient for both surgery and routine gynecological care. Doctors educated on the newest, best techniques and treatments inherently offer a standard of care a step above those who decline the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base through recertification.

Dr. Jason cares deeply about providing the highest level of care and utilizing the best techniques (as informed by evidence from research studies). His commitment is clearly demonstrated by his CV, showing his regular recertification.