…and not letting life get in the way of your marriage


Do you ever think back to how you were when you first starting seeing your husband? The way you would flirt and look at one another, dress up at every opportunity, and thoughtfully make plans. What did you do and say on those first dates? Early in your relationship, what did you wear to bed? A flannel nighty tightly buttoned up to your chin and down to your ankles with curlers in your hair? Did you used to give your husband a backrub after he had a tough day at work, or celebrate when he wanted to go to the game with the guys?

If you want to remain his wife forever, act like his girlfriend. Use your past as inspiration. Remember how you used to act with one another and bring that back to life.

Couples of all ages often lose sight of the spark that brought them together. However, this is especially common in couples with young families. Spare time is often spent with the kids, or when away from the kids, at work or in groups of young couples to fulfill social needs. When was the last time the two of you spent some quality time one on one, just for you? It’s hard for newer parents to leave their young children in others’ care, and at times worry or feel guilty for wanting time on their own.

It has often been said, “The best gift you can give your children is a happy marriage.” When your children see their parents happy together, they feel more secure. With the high divorce rate, when children see their parents arguing, they can begin to wonder if they’ll be next in switching houses every weekend. Rekindle your connection by taking the time to date each other again. Spend time one on one, away from the kids, cell phones off. Tell the babysitter the number of the restaurant or other establishment you’ll be frequenting, just as people did in the decades before cell phones. Go to a delicious restaurant, a theatrical production or movie, sporting or musical event, or even a stroll along the water or somewhere beautiful. Spend a night in catering to each others wants and needs, while the kids are at a friend’s, complete with some alone time in the bedroom. Put on a gorgeous dress and sparkling heals to stun him with your beauty, just as you did years ago. Remind him of the girl he fell in love with, who now, he is lucky enough to have as his wife.