Recently, there have been television programs that show a simple 20 minute procedurewhich is supposed to tighten the vagina, with no or minimal down time. People have been falsely led to believe that this quick procedure can create a significant change in their anatomy. This is misleading, unfortunate, and often a waste of mone

Although it is possible for some skin tightening to occur in this type of procedure, it does not solve the problems women usually are trying to address through tightening surgery. Vaginal relaxation (or loosening) is in fact caused by the muscles coming apart, which explains why there is no friction. This can only be truly helped with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. By doing this surgical procedure, the doctor is able to recreate the vagina that a patient had as a young woman or before childbirth. For some who are simply born with this issue, it can bring those women to the diameters vaginally that would be appropriate for a good sexual experience.Ultimatley if you want real change in how your vagina looks or functions, there is no quick fix but rather a few hours in surgery followed by a week recovery. It is only through this process that you will get the dramatically different, youthful vagina that you desire.