The fall is a time of new beginnings for so many people. It marks the beginning of new classes at school, a seasonal change brings with it cooler days along with new colors in our foliage, and for the Jewish community it is the beginning of a New Year.

Whatever your religion or beliefs are, it is a wonderful time of the year to reflect on your life. Reflecting not only on the events which helped shape your year but also how you dealt with the aftermath. Were you happy with how you handled what life threw your way? Is there something you need to do to improve and be the best person that you want to be?

It is also beneficial to take stock of those who you surround yourself with. Are you in healthy relationships? Or are they in fact toxic to you? And if they are indeed toxic what can you do to separate yourself or insulate yourself from further emotional damage?

How is your career going? Are you in a position that you like? Are you taking genuine steps to make either a lateral or vertical move in the field that you are in?

After conducting a thorough analysis of yourself, your family, your friends and your work, understand that the fall is a great time to design a blueprint for the changes you wish to see in the coming year in business, in school, in love, and in life.

Is it your time to change?