Many women come into our practice feeling that a G-Spot Amplification (a.k.a. G-Shot) will change their sexual gratification. This is absolutely true for women with normal vaginal diameters. The G-Shot has tremendous capacity to increase a woman’s sensitivity by increasing the size of the G-Spot for enhanced accessibility and subsequent intensified orgasms.

However, for women with some conditions (e.g., bladder, pregnancy-related), in which the vaginal diameter has significantly increased, the G-Shot is not the ideal option to accomplish this goal. Alternatively, small procedure enhancing sexual gratification more effectively (that makes both the interior and exterior of the vagina tighter) may be recommended. In these cases, many women find that after the surgery, they do not need a G-Spot amplification. Specifically, after the procedure, the increased tightness of the vaginal walls leads to a substantial increase in friction during sexual relations, yielding a more intense sexual experience. Even so, with this enhanced sexual pleasure from the surgery, some women want to take it to the next level by adding a G-Spot Amplification. The combination of these two procedures yields excellent results, accomplishing women’s goals to maximally enhance their sexual experience.

When you come into the office at Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of New York, your consultation with Dr. Jason will provide you with a comprehensive gynecological evaluation and an opportunity to fully discuss your goals, as well as your best options for fulfilling those goals, in order to make an informed decision together.