Let’s face it…

So many of us feel that there was always a favorite child in our family. The “Golden Child” as they are so often endearingly referred to.

Perhaps it is because they achieved academic excellence or were superb athletes. Perhaps they were the one to always help grandma go grocery shopping, or walk the dog when the other child was too combative to even ask. Or maybe it’s just that intangible, special gravitation that some people posses. You know those people, the ones that you plan having conversations with, the one’s that change the feeling of a room instantly upon their arrival.

Very often, parents connect more with one child or another, and that should be understandable. In fact it’s an accepted practice in our societal structure of family, “he’s his mammas boy” or “that’s daddy’s girl”. As a parent, it’s nice to relate to your child, but it’s important to not create tension between siblings.

Every child or person for that matter has something special that should be celebrated and in order to maintain family harmony parents are best served to give undivided love and attention, and to find that “special something” that connects you to everyone.

When focusing on that “special something” it so often deepens the bond between parent and child who sometimes find they have more in common then they ever knew.

When all family members are treated with the same love, interest, and affection, jealously will not prevail and a strong family bond will form and endure.