Think back to the last time you touched someone—maybe a hug from a friend, a kiss from your partner, or perhaps holding your child’s hand. How did it feel?

Touch is extremely powerful. Research shows that it has tremendous benefits, ranging from increases in the hormone oxytocin (which helps us feel close or bonded to others), to mood enhancement, to decreases in blood pressure (e.g., Field, 2010; Holt-Lunstad,Birmingham, & Light, 2008). Holt-Lunstad and colleagues (2008) found that increasing touch among couples led to benefits on several stress-sensitive body systems. Taken together, these findings suggest that touch may have a beneficial effect on the healing process.

So, when seeking laser vaginal surgery (e.g., laser vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty), build touch into your recovery plan. Ask your partner or caretaker to hold your hand frequently during recovery, give you a back or foot rub, or even give some extra hugs (and kisses, if appropriate!). Taking steps to increase touch may enhance your surgical result, plus you will feel good during the healing process!