As single women, many ladies dream of the white picket fence, complete with the stability of a husband and kids to enjoy. There is however one area in which married ladies envy single ladies, and that is the passion and excitement of a new lover. It is not just men that long for the excitement and the thrill of being intimate with someone new.

There are several ways to keep things exciting, and they begin with examining where the sexual relationship is now and reflection on how it was in the beginning. Marriages and long-term relationships often fall into ruts, at which point sex becomes a chore. Couple the rut scenario with life’s stressors and you could have a recipe for boredom.

Do you ever wonder why single sex in an escape from the stress of your life, but when you are married, stress seems to totally shut down the libido? Typically, the answer is because your husband or long-term partner is also a partner in whatever is ailing your life. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to address it though! Some ideas: Take a one night vacation in a hotel. Wear something naughty. Talk about things going on in the outside world, outside your life. Be funny, be charming, be sexy.