As with any doctor’s appointment, it is important to provide your complete medical history in a comprehensive and detailed manner when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Jason. However, unlike other doctor’s appointments, a surgical consultation appointment includes an assessment of your unique ability to heal, which is directly related to your surgical result (from your labiaplasty, laser vaginal rejuvenation, etc.). The more honest you are about your medical history, the better your surgeon will be able to customize a treatment plan to maximize benefits to you! Dr. Jason is extremely thorough with his patients, fully assessing multiple facets of your health, beyond your gynecological and sexual health. Essentially, through Dr. Jason’s comprehensive assessment and working with patient’s to ensure overall health, Dr. Jason’s surgical skills and cutting-edge techniques yield amazing surgical outcomes. Ultimately, disclosing your medical history in full will help enhance your sexual health and gratification, AND your aesthetic result!