Sleep has long been documented to have numerous benefits for our well-being (click for video compiled by Harvard researchers). Among these, sleep is extremely important in the process of healing, in that it allows the body to heal itself—either from normal day-to-day wear and tear, major injuries, keeping a strong immune system, or surgery. So, keep in mind, when you seek laser vaginal surgery, sleep is key in your recovery!

In this fast paced-world, many women are seeking solutions to their gynecological problems, but have difficulty giving themselves the time they truly need to heal. There is an unfortunate misconception regarding recovery, in that people believe the quicker they return to their usual routine, the better. This is inaccurate. Rather, women who follow recovery instructions, taking the time to rest and take care of their bodies, heal more quickly and show better surgical results. So, to optimize your surgical results, be sure to get plenty of valuable beauty sleep!