On Sunday January 27, 2013, TLC premiered its new reality show, Plastic Wives, which takes a look at the wives of Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeons. This is particularly of note because Dr. Jason’s good friend and mentor, Dr. David Matlock and his wife Veronica are starring in the series. The program discussed stress urinary incontinence, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation®, and even depicted Dr. Matlock performing a G-Spot Amplification (a.k.a. G-Shot) on his wife during the show!

The show was incredibly entertaining and it brought vaginal rejuvenation to the forefront of audience awareness, in recognizing that the procedure has become very mainstream. Years ago women talked about much of their plastic surgery, however were reluctant to discuss the vagina. It seemed to be too personal, too intimate. The show Sunday evening illustrated that women are comfortable; even beyond that, they are celebrating the ability to restore their bodies to the youthful, pre-pregnant state not only in function (the tightening procedure), but also in form (designer labiaplasty). Further, the benefits of G Spot amplification, a simple procedure, were highlighted, showing that a quick visit to the doctor can give you the material (a special form of hylauronic acid) to give you tremendously enhanced pleasure. What a wonderful anniversary gift Dr.Matlock gave his wife in the G Spot amplification! As women want the most satisfaction possible in their sexual experiences, procedures providing this (e.g., vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, g-spot amplification) have become a huge national trend.