As women get older and particularly after vaginal birth the vaginal muscles may experience an excessive relaxation that can reduce both satisfaction and sensation during intercourse. The laxity of the vaginal skin may be caused by a number of factors and it can hinder a woman’s self-confidence. No one wants to feel like they can’t control their body, particularly in intimate situations. By applying heat to tissue we have observed the collagen promotion that occurs in the body and assists with strengthening and remodeling the integrity of the skin. This is something done frequently in various cosmetic procedures, and when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation the method holds.

ThermiVA is a non-surgical temperature controlled radio frequency system that helps women reclaim their pre-baby body. The procedure is performed in-office and aims to revive, restore, and reclaim. If you are tired of feeling self-conscious of excessive vaginal relaxation and interested in learning more about ThermiVA, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jason today.