The year 2012 has been a liberating year for women! Women around the world have become empowered by the knowledge that hey can get their vagina back to their pre-pregnant state.

In the past, doctors have encouraged their patients to accept the status quo following the birth of a child. In the past, it was simply expected that women would have to deal with the change in the look of the vagina, as well as the decreased feeling during intercourse. Fortunately, due to the internet, women now realize that they can enjoy their children and still return to the sexuality that they enjoyed before becoming mothers.

More and more women are sharing their positive surgical experiences with their friends, and as a result, these ladies have also wanted and sought out the same wonderful surgical results. From the countless stories of women regaining sexual confidence (due to the youthful look of the vagina, the tightness that brings back intimacy and/or the restored quality of life women acquire from no longer leaking urine), women are empowered to completely regain the passionate sex lives they long for because of the information now available on the internet.