Do you want an optimal surgical result? Do you want to look as good as possible? Do you want to bring the sensuality in your relationship back to its peak (or even pass it!)?

To obtain the optimal surgical result, you must partner with your surgeon. Leave the actual procedure to his or her incredibly skilled hands. However, once you leave the procedure room, it is important that you take some responsibility for your healing and to take care of your healing vagina under the guidance of your surgeon. As such, pre-operative preparation and post-operative self-care are integral to ensuring the best recovery and maximizing the beauty in your surgical result.


Before your surgery, listen to all your doctor’s wisdom-filled instructions. Take care of everything you will possibly need during your healing: Obtain and lay out (for easy access):

  • Cotton briefs (no thongs during your healing!)
  • Loose pants
  • Flat shoes
  • Prescription medication, as well as all over-the-counter medications and products your doctor has prescribed

Follow Through

After your surgery, to ensure your incredible result, follow-your doctor’s instructions to the letter.

  • Take care of your body—hydrate, eat a balanced diet, and sleep.
  • Rest and only engage in the prescribed physical activities, and take small steps!
  • If you’re not sure if you should do something (like take a hot bath, or self-pleasure), wait before you do. Ask your doctor first! (Don’t do something questionable and then ask about it… Engaging in risky post-op tasks could put your extraordinary result in jeopardy!)
  • If you have questions regarding the surgical site (where your stitches are), take photographs and email these to your doctors with your questions
  • Bottom line—Be cautious and take care of your healing body!

Ultimately, if you follow your doctor’s expert advice, say hello to a gorgeous aesthetic result, and the many other benefits (e.g., confidence, enhanced sexual pleasure) of vaginal surgery!