I am a very picky person when it comes to doctors as my father is a surgeon. I made an appointment with Dr. Jason two years ago but had to really be sure the labia repair, bladder lift, vaginal tightening, and removal of excess pupice was something I REALLY wanted and was Dr. Jason the right doctor for me. HE WAS! After tremendous research and “other” appointments I found myself right back at his office, feeling fully confident of my decision. I had all three above mentioned procedures. I am at week 5 of a 6-8 week recovery and Dr. Jason and his staff and wife have been by my side every step of the way. Attentive, kind and incredibly patient does not begin to describe Dr. Jason. He is truly wonderful. I am an impatient person with regard to recovery and have found I took their advice to slow down as well as relax. My bladder took a little longer to wake up after surgery- but I feel the difference already! I look so “pretty” down there and would never know I had 3 children! Elated!