Just like any skill, be it playing the piano, hitting home runs or cooking a gourmet meal, surgical skill improves with practice, and the more years of practice, the better. The delicate skills of laser vaginal surgery (e.g., Designer Laser Vaginoplasty, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, labiaplasty) are no different. With years of practice, skill becomes more refined, advanced and polished, which is definitely the type of skill you want for your surgery! So, how do you know your doctor has practiced these skills sufficiently to ensure you get the optimal aesthetic and functional result?

  1. Before and after pictures. At your doctor’s appointment, ask your doctor to see before and after photos of his/her surgical work. This will allow you not only to see the amount of change your doctor is capable of creating, but this also serves as a way to see how much experience he or she has. Ask to see lots, and even ask how many they have. Experienced laser vaginal surgeons will have hundreds of pictures, not just ten, and will tell you they’ve changed hundreds of women’s lives through these surgeries. While seeing pictures in person is best, your doctor will also likely have a ton of pictures on their website if they are truly experienced in utilizing these surgical techniques.
  2. Length of Time Performing the Procedure. Ask your doctor how long they have been using the procedure they plan to use during your surgery, and how they came to be trained in this technique. If they tell you they learned it in a one-day workshop last month and have only performed it twice, run. Alternatively, if they tell you they had extensive training, ongoing mentorship from an expert in these techniques, and have been performing these surgeries in excess of ten years on hundreds of cases, you’re probably in good hands.

Ultimately, make sure your doctor has sufficient, quality experience before signing up for surgery on one of your most delicate parts. An experienced, expert laser vaginal surgeon can make tremendous positive change in your life, while unfortunately inexperienced ones can have tremendous negative impact. Ladies, we urge you—do your part to ensure you have the positive experience we want for you!