Candidate Information for The Center of Sexual Medicine & Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of New York

Who is a candidate for the different types of Laser Vaginal Surgery®?

  • Women who suffer from stress incontinence
  • Women who want to increase their sexual pleasure
  • Women whose vaginal areas have stretched due to pregnancies or aging
  • Women who have experienced vaginal trauma
  • Women who want their labial lips reduced, enhanced or re-shaped
  • Women who want to reconstruct their hymen to its original state
  • Women whose vaginal size is not totally compatible with their partner’s penis size

Who is a candidate for G-Spot Amplification®?

  • Women who want to increase the sensitivity of their G-Spot
  • Women who want to amplify their sexual experience by increasing their erogenous zone

Who is a candidate for the O-Shot®?