Very often, women with long labia wonder, how did my labia get this way? Did I do something to create this? While of course those thoughts are normal, long labia can be inherited, just as any other feature (e.g., your mother’s nose, your grandmother’s cheekbones). In fact, a surprising number of young women seeking labiaplasty have found out that this is the case only after sharing their experiences with other women in their family. That is, they learn that these female relatives (i.e., aunts, grandmothers, mother, sisters) have the same problem! Hence, often family members choose to seek the surgery together. Mother-daughter pairs and sister pairs commonly support each other throughout the process, taking turns caring for each other during recovery. Supporting one another through thick and thin, trials and triumphs, etc. is what family’s all about anyway, isn’t it? Especially when it’s all in the genes!