Cosmetic gynecological procedures, such as Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® (the most common type is labiaplasty) and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (vaginal tightening), require a lot of detail-oriented training to yield amazing results. This consists of specific training for vaginal structures, as well as substantial training in cosmetic surgical techniques. Training in both of these areas is KEY for the best results! Cosmetic gynecologists receive training in both gynecology and cosmetic surgery. While Dr. Jason certainly qualifies as a cosmetic gynecologist, having received substantial training in both these areas, he has also spent substantial time training in cosmetic techniques specific to the vaginal area (e.g., Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and labiaplasty techniques), and has performed hundreds of these procedures. Further, Dr. Jason specializes in the vagina, and therefore has tremendous expertise in both gynecological surgery and general gynecological health. He also helps train numerous physicians in these techniques through lectures and presentations at conferences.

While one might think that mainstream gynecologists or OB-GYNs may also be qualified to complete this surgery, choose your labiaplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation surgeon with caution. Some gynecologists MAY be trained to complete these procedures though it is not a guarantee, as cosmetic techniques for the vagina and vaginal structures is not typically taught during a standard OBGYN residencies. It is important not to mistake traditional signs of a good doctor, such as having a large, well-known, busy practice, as a sure fire sign that your gynecologist is trained to perform labiaplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation. To ensure the best surgical result, seek out a specialist, like Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of New York, to perform you surgery.