With the internet and the extreme breadth of information to which it provides access, young women, younger than ever, are beginning to recognize when their labia aren’t within the ideal range and are seeking help. While on the one hand, it’s wonderful that they are able to learn that they are not alone and that there is hope to fix the issues that come along with long labia, at times, they seek labiaplasty too young—when they may not be ready emotionally to undergo this type of procedure. In those cases, we have some recommendations.

While these young ladies might be younger than recommended to sign-up for a procedure next week, it can be extremely helpful to get educated and make a plan for the future now.

  1. Go to a specialist for a consultation and exam to learn more information about labiaplasty (and other designer laser vaginoplasty procedures) and how it can help her personal situation.
  2. Make a plan. Maybe surgery tomorrow isn’t best for her. Even so, when might she be ready? A year from now? Work with your physician to figure out when surgery is recommended. While maybe waiting to fix the problem isn’t ideal, you might be surprised how much peace a plan can bring!