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Communicating Your Sexual Needs to Your Partner

Even today’s modern woman often finds herself very uncomfortable in telling her lover about her likes and dislikes in the bedroom. Why wouldn’t a woman feel that way? Have you ever seen a man ask for directions?! Navigational or in the bedroom? However, ladies, with us, he wants a road map! Most men sincerely want […]

Do You Want a Fantastic Result from Vaginal Surgery?

Do you want an optimal surgical result? Do you want to look as good as possible? Do you want to bring the sensuality in your relationship back to its peak (or even pass it!)? To obtain the optimal surgical result, you must partner with your surgeon. Leave the actual procedure to his or her incredibly […]

Patience in Healing

Surgery like anything else becomes easier with experience. As patients have more surgical procedures, patients become more familiar with and aware of the process–the pre-operative preparations, the surgery itself, the process of healing and the final result. Although each experience in cosmetic surgery is different, each patient does find commonalities across procedures, like what the […]

Bringing Sensuality Back to Your Marriage or Relationship

Often, as relationships increase in length, the romance and sensuality become overshadowed by other life demands, like work, children, never ending errands, household responsibilities, among other responsibilities. As such, the sense of connectedness in the bedroom often dwindles, especially as both partners age, leading to a decrease in hormones, and subsequently, sex drive. Often, by […]

Getting Ready for the Summer

We live in a face paced world. It seems that everyone is moving in fast forward from quicker computers to the stores displaying summer clothes in February. At the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of New York, we are finding that our patients are looking forward to the summer and planning to be their best before […]

Sex and the Older Woman: Sex After 60

With the rise of bio-identical hormones and the subsequent youthful effects on a woman’s body, having an active and satisfying sex life has become common for women after 60. This is especially fantastic, because women in this age bracket previously viewed this period as an age where their sex life was behind them. Because these […]

Vaginal Surgery and Your Experience with Your Surgeon

When choosing to pursue vaginal surgery (e.g., labiaplasty, other Designer Laser Vaginoplasty®, or Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation®), often the greatest emphasis is placed on the outcome of the surgery. While the outcome should not be minimized, as it is very important, it is also important to consider the experience as a patient when choosing your surgeon. […]

Plastic Wives takes on Vaginal Rejuvenation

On Sunday January 27, 2013, TLC premiered its new reality show, Plastic Wives, which takes a look at the wives of Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeons. This is particularly of note because Dr. Jason’s good friend and mentor, Dr. David Matlock and his wife Veronica are starring in the series. The program discussed stress urinary incontinence, […]