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What Do Women Want?

As with the many things that have evolved over time, what women want seems to have changed so much. In the 1950s, women wanted a husband, a home, and children. In the 60s, it was sexual freedom of expression. In the last few decades, women have wanted it all: partners, homes, children and professional satisfaction. […]

Inspiration: Strength is a Choice

In visiting a friend last night, I found myself in awe and inspired by her strength through adversity. My friend has suffered with numerous health issues, the latest being a diabetes complication which led to an amputation. From the beginning of being faced with this reality, she was not debilitated nor devastated, but instead maintained […]

The Vagina is an Engine that Needs Maintenance

Tender Loving Care—TLC: So many things in your life need this—your children, significant others, family, pets, your hair, your skin, your lawn, your car, and yes, even your vagina. Not unlike a car, your vagina needs routine, continuous care. On a regular basis, it is important to service it sexually, physically (aesthetically) and medically. For […]

Two Water Bottles

Imagine this: A woman, in preparation for bed each night, goes into the kitchen to retrieve two water bottles, one for her, one for her husband. Upon returning to the master bedroom, she discovers her husband has done the same thing. Night after night, the pattern repeats. What is wrong with this picture, you might […]