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carecap logoI am leading the charge for a “Force for Compassionate Care” (FCC). Alongside Care Cap Plus (CCP), CCP has reengineered their program to a plan to create a Paradigm Shift for supporting hospitals in helping patients manage Medical Debt. With compassion and automation, the plan individualizes a payment plan that works for every patient.

According to the Kaiser Foundation, approximately 41% of adults (about 100 million adults) have medical debt ranging from $500 to $10,000, with 73% of the debt owed to hospitals.

Care Cap Plus’ goal is to prevent patient’s from going into debt collection and allows hospitals to continue providing care compassionately to all patients, while supporting the hospitals bottom-line.

Care Cap Plus’s robust technology and patient-centered customer service creates unfound income opportunity between hospital billing and debt collections. Specializing in patient pay receivable management, Care Cap Plus offers hospitals significant cost savings and reputation benefits, especially in the 90-day arrears patient base. Working directly with healthcare providers, we create a zero-interest, no fee, non-recourse payment platform for patient expenses. Applications are simple and monthly payments are predictable and automated deducted through ACH with flexibility when needed or requested.

We realized that paying for medical debt is both stressful and burdensome, even if one has health insurance. We believe wholeheartedly that patients want to pay for their portion of medical expenses, but do not always have the means to do so. The current available financing options are outdated and unacceptable to this portion of the population that deserves the same state-of-the-art medical care as everyone else. It is also vital to small hospitals that are carrying their own debt burden – that are at risk of going out of business – that would be devasting to their local communities and further burden larger hospitals.

Currently, hospital revenue is shrinking, as more and more of the financial burden of medical expenses is falling on the patients. The traditional hospital revenue cycle has been met with the complex challenges imposed by staffing shortages, increased patient responsibility burdens and the risk of negative publicity. As stated, traditional patient collection tactics do not work in today’s environment. The historically reactive process of patient statements has diminishing returns as the receivables age, leaving hospitals and providers with few options.

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