Dr. Jason Bio

I began my medical career after my year as Chief Resident at Northwell’s Long Island Jewish Medical Center, when I saw a great opportunity in the future in Women’s Medical Imaging. For a copy of my CV, click on https://www.lvri-ny.com/cosmetic-gynecologist-new-york/curriculum-vitae/. I knew Mammography was becoming a screening test – which means it would be recommended for all women to detect early breast cancer, which would save lives for thousands of women every year. I also knew that Obstetrical Ultrasound would become a routine part of Obstetrical Care. Hence, I founded Great Neck Women’s Medical Care, the first Comprehensive Women’s Diagnostic Facility on Long Island. On Day 1, we preformed the first non-hospital outpatient, ultrasound-guided Amniocentesis on Long Island in October, 1986 and from there, we preformed many clinical “firsts” in our area. For curriculum vitae and Bios of our World Renown and National physician staff, click on www.lvri-ny.com/GNWMC-TOPDOCS and www.lvri-ny.com/GNWMC-TOPDOCS/Mt.SinaiMaternalFetalMedicine

As things started to change in Long Island medicine, I joined MDNY, a physician-Catholic Hospital of Long Island owned Health Insurance company and was placed on the Board of Directors and became Treasurer.

As I continued to grow as a physician, I listened to the needs of my patients so I decided to re-engineer myself and retrain with the World Leaders in Cosmetic Gynecology. For their bios, click on www.lvri-ny.com/TopCosmeticGYN. I also trained with the World leaders in Cellular Medicine, Sexual Medicine, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). For their bios, click on www.lvri-ny.ccom/TopSexMed-BHRT. BHRT helps patients heal faster from surgery and patients also did better with Covid-19.

I led a group of Top Long Island Gynecologists to open ExAblate of Metro New York and preformed the first, non-surgical, Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound Ablation of uterine fibroids in New York as an outpatient procedure without hospitalization. www.lvri-ny.com/files/2023/07/PRweb-Exablate-of-NY-NKP.pdf

Like many of my colleagues, I have been blessed with tremendous professional and personal success. I love practicing medicine and have great passion and satisfaction saving patients’ lives and to heal and optimize their quality of life. I plan on practicing medicine for as long as I can and found a new way to give back, the “Force for Compassionate Care” (FCC). Care Cap Plus – Jason, Robert (lvri-ny.com)