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Apples and Oranges in Vaginal Rejuvenation

We live in a world where we expect immediate gratification, and why shouldn’t we? We can reach our friends or family via phone, email, or social media at any minute. All of our questions can be answered through the use of one verb “Google” it. Similarly, when a service is introduced, that appears to fix […]

Dangers of the Emotional Affair

“I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness, and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.” A marriage can be born from a multitude of reasons. Physical attraction, financial stability, genuine […]

Recipe to a Healthy Relationship

There are blogs, books, and articles in which you can find any of your favorite recipes. Recipes on pasta, meat, deserts, etc are just a click away. The recipe which may be most important to your life may be the hardest to find, and that’s the recipe to a healthy relationship. There are some fundamental […]


As we all turned the calendar page from 2013 to 2014 many of us, as is customary, made New Years resolutions on how to improve ourselves moving forward. Dieting, quitting smoking, saving money, and exercise are among the most popular resolutions that we hear. Do you remember yours? As we approach the end of January, […]

The Golden Child

Let’s face it… So many of us feel that there was always a favorite child in our family. The “Golden Child” as they are so often endearingly referred to. Perhaps it is because they achieved academic excellence or were superb athletes. Perhaps they were the one to always help grandma go grocery shopping, or walk […]

Emotional Tune-up

We know more about the human brain now than we ever have, yet there is so much we have not yet discovered. What we do know is that the brain serves as our body’s conductor. It transmits messages of happiness, pain, anger, etc to the rest of our body. When a child falls and scrapes […]

Staying Connected for Better and for Worse

Do you remember the days when hiding was possible? Do you remember the days when your answering machine served as your “away message”, your symbol of unavailability? People would patiently wait for a return phone call for hours, sometimes days, without giving you the snarky snip of “I also tried texting you”. The fact that […]

The Lost Art of Communication

The world today is filled with gadgets, gizmos, tablets, smart phones, and pagers. Children at the pre-school level have a mastery of navigating the world of apps, far better than most adults, while teens are so entrenched in their social media you begin to wonder if face to face communication is ever possible. What now […]

Parents and Partners Part II

It was once said that “We avoid the mistakes our parents made and make the mistakes our parents avoided.” Think about that for a second in the context of your life. So much of who we are, the very fiber of our being is shaped by childhood memories we have of our parents and the […]

Home for the Holidays

Holidays are a time to rejoice and reflect with loved ones on events that have happened in the past, remark on the present, and discuss preparations for the future. Although we all come to the holidays with the best of intentions, the truth is that the people closest to us are also most likely to […]