We live in a world where we expect immediate gratification, and why shouldn’t we? We can reach our friends or family via phone, email, or social media at any minute. All of our questions can be answered through the use of one verb “Google” it.

Similarly, when a service is introduced, that appears to fix the vagina with a quick 20 minute procedure, allowing one to instantly improve the appearance of the vagina, while simultaneously improving ones sex life, there is a tendency to THINK that your thousands of dollars will forever change the diameters of the vagina.

Based on factual evidence the only way to fully rejuvenate the Vagina is to move the surrounding muscles, and not just firm up the skin. During childbirth the muscles often tear and become quite far apart making the friction between a man and a woman barely existent. Great friction is necessary for great intercourse (And a talented lover is also helpful).

So when there is looseness in the vaginal canal the only way to truly have a profound result is to bring muscle together not only the skin.

The only quick fix is if a woman already has a tight vagina and wants to enhance her sexuality. In those instances the woman can have a G spot amplification which swells the G spot and gives enhanced pleasure. The G Spot amplification procedure however, unlike Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, which needs to be repeated every 6-9 months, whereas going through the surgical procedure of moving muscle and using the Laser to bring the skin tighter will have lasting results and a significant change in any couples sexual experience.