Many women come in with multiple concerns which warrant both tightening (i.e., Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) and labiaplasty (i.e., Designer Laser Vaginoplasty). While many find a way or can afford to have both simultaneously, not all women are as fortunate. For those women, when you can only afford to have one at a time, which do you choose?

While it is ideal to have both at once, so you have 1 surgery, 1 recovery and 1 charge for anesthesia and surgical facility, instead of two, a choice between the two can be made when prioritizing is necessary. Laser vaginal rejuvenation or other tightening surgeries (e.g., laser perineoplasty) serve to improve or repair anatomical functioning related to both sexual and bladder function. So, tightening procedures can serve to significantly improve women’s lives! Labiaplasty, which predominantly improves aesthetics, can also significantly contribute to quality of life, but often not quite to the same extent. Tightening surgeries improve medical concerns (such as organ prolapse), while labiaplasty addresses concerns of less medical urgency. So, if you must choose one, base your choice on two things: 1. Your physician’s recommendation (i.e., if one procedure is more urgent medically), and 2. Whichever problem bothers you more. After making your choice, follow-up with your secondary choice when you can!