Recently, Dr. Jason received the esteemed classification of “Trusted Doctor” by Vanessa Scott, the voice behind Ms. Scott, a vaginal surgery consultant and patient advocate, with vast knowledge of the field, meets with vaginal surgeons regularly to hand select caring, well-qualified doctors to recommend to women seeking labiaplasty (Designer Laser Vaginoplasty) or vaginal rejuvenation / tightening (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) surgeries. Ms. Scott ensures that doctors she recommends meet stringent criteria, to ensure the highest level of care and excellent surgical results.

To receive the seal, surgeons must meet several qualifications. Specifically Dr. Jason is board-certified, with extensive training and experience to demonstrate a high level of skill and competency in performing labiaplasty and laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Ms. Scott takes significant time evaluating doctors prior to recommending them, personally meeting, interviewing, interacting with and verifying each of these select surgeons.

In Ms. Scott’s evaluation of Dr. Jason, she spent significant time with him in and out of the operating room, observing his patient manner and surgical skill. Dr. Jason’s credentials, experience and surgical skill met and exceeded Ms. Scott’s high expectations, warranting classification as one of Ms. Scott’s “Trusted Doctors.”