We know more about the human brain now than we ever have, yet there is so much we have not yet discovered. What we do know is that the brain serves as our body’s conductor. It transmits messages of happiness, pain, anger, etc to the rest of our body.

When a child falls and scrapes their knee, the spot of impact sends a signal of distress to your brain which in turn transmits a feeling of pain back to the child’s knee. The same goes for a toothache, headache, backache, etc.

The brain does not apply priority to certain parts of your body over others, so why should you?

People seem to be more reserved when it comes to admitting mental or emotional pain, or with a private part of their body, when in reality, a pain is a pain regardless of if it’s body or mind.

Emotional maintenance is as equally important as physical maintenance but is often overlooked because of the stigma of going to a therapist. The fact is those who are the most forward thinking and evolved, realize that in an effort to better themselves and their lives, a mental health professional can clarify thoughts and feelings, helping you become happier in your life.

As the year is coming to an end and a new one approaches, why not consider an emotional health tune up and start becoming the best you that you can possibly be in 2014.

Happy and Healthy New Year to ALL!