Have you noticed that everywhere we go, people seem to not be present, but rather multi-tasking—glued to their iPhones or some other device? This incessant multi-tasking coupled with constant rushing (so often because a few minutes too much were spent on Facebook or googling something else) can lead us to lose touch with so much of what we truly care about. Just think, busy mornings, rushing around getting where you and your loved ones need to be, squeezing in errands during those precious moments of “free time,” sitting in traffic or on the train, spending time with your man and/or family when you can, and finally getting to bed after a long busy day. Between all those obligations, iPhone connectivity, and rushing around, when was the last time you took the time to notice all the wonderful things in your life that you value so much?

Let’s press the reset button and commit to setting aside some time everyday to think about what we are grateful for, a.k.a. all the wonderful things we already have and love mindlessly. Instead of focusing on our problems, conflicts, and everyday stresses, take the time every single day and truly notice all of the positive things you are grateful for in your life, from relationships to the beautiful view outside. Notice everything, including big things—from family, health, stability, community, love—to everything small—the way your skin feels the second you step outside on a sunny summer day, or the look in your man’s eyes when you arrive home. You surely will feel more connected to others, life, and most importantly, more connected with your inner spirit.