In visiting a friend last night, I found myself in awe and inspired by her strength through adversity. My friend has suffered with numerous health issues, the latest being a diabetes complication which led to an amputation. From the beginning of being faced with this reality, she was not debilitated nor devastated, but instead maintained an incredibly positive outlook coupled with a bright vibrant demeanor.

Despite the gravity of the decision to amputate, this beautiful person has been able to appreciate all of the friends and family that surround her. Also, she is preparing for a bright future after rehabilitation. She plans to go back to work, and has even begun a book!

It is incredible women like this one who can be an inspiration to us all—soldiering through the hardships life deals us. This friend has done something truly amazing. She has taken an immensely painful situation, which could be interpreted negatively in everyway, and turned it around for the best. She has taken a profound loss, and recognized the good—the improved quality of life she will have from this loss. It is so important to remember women like her, who have the magnificent courage to be positive in the face of hardship, especially when we ourselves are feeling weak or low. Think about it for yourself: Who inspires you? Next time, when life throws you an unexpected curve ball, make the choice to be courageous for yourself and life’s possibilities will appear before you, creating for you your best life.