In November 2011, The Doctors aired a segment on the case of 23 year-old young woman with labial redundancy. Shannon, the young woman, details her reasons for seeking medical advice, which include both medical and quality of life reasons. Specifically, she reports that she has experienced numerous urinary tract infections (UTIs), and experiences chronic pain throughout the day and during sex. Further,Shannonshares that her long labia minora has led her to feel self-conscious, such that she refused to wear swimsuits. Of even greater significance, she details how her labial pain during sex and insecurities has been detrimental in her romantic relationships.

In her consultation with Urologist Jennifer Berman, MD, Dr. Berman confirms her concerns from both a medical and functional perspective, recommending surgery. In referring Shannon to specialized surgeon, Dr. Berman recommends a procedure called labiaplasty with excision of excess prepuce to most fully address Shannon’s concerns. This procedure will address her concerns about her labial tissue and associated discomfort, through reducing the size of the labia. In addition to a regular labiaplasty, this procedure involves removal of the patient’s excess skin around the clitoris, which may contribute to pain and/or lack of pleasure during sexual relations. Check out the video for a more comprehensive look at Shannon’s story!

At the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute ofNew York, Dr. Robert Jason offers consultation for and expertise in performing several vaginal cosmetic surgeries, including labiaplasty with excision of excess prepuce and subfrenulum folds when indicated. (Designer Laser Vaginoplasty refers to any procedure that enhances the cosmetic appearance of the labia minora as described above, but also laser reduction labiaplasty of the labia majora, laser perineoplasty, liposuction of the labia majora +/or the mons pubis and autologous fat transfer to the labia majora). Each procedure is tailored to the needs and desires of the individual patient. Beyond labiaplasty surgical options, Dr. Jason specializes in Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Repair of Urinary Stress Incontinence, the G-Shot, as well as patient-focused gynecological care. Please call us at 516-482-8200 with any questions or for additional information.