As a surgical procedure, labiaplasty has the capacity to ameliorate a wide array of issues (ranging from physical pain to aesthetic concerns). While women’s reasons for choosing to have the procedure often overlap, each woman’s choice and story is unique.

While common reasons for labiaplasty include physical discomfort (exacerbated by exercise or tight clothing), body image concerns, and associated confidence issues, Lindsay shares her unique labiaplasty story in this account. Specifically, for Lindsay, she expresses concern that her labia hang down too much, which has subsequently negatively impacted her body image, self-confidence and romantic relationships.

Further, the video account of her story discusses causes of enlarged labia and elaborates how surgery can help. Lindsay’s consultation and surgery are portrayed, with UK plastic surgeon Dr. Angelica Kavouni. Lindsay, like many women undergoing the surgery, emerges from the experience with a sense of satisfaction, reporting the procedure was “worth it.”

Labiaplasty – Lindsay’s story

At Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute ofNew York, Dr. Robert Jason performs labiaplasty, as well as other cosmetic vaginal surgeries (e.g., Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation), meeting patients’ needs and desires paired with warm comprehensive women’s care. Dr. Jason is a board-certified gynecologist and has specialized training in, as well as a decade of experience using cosmetic gynecological surgery techniques. As a cosmetic gynecologist, Dr. Jason’s training and experience is unique. While some plastic surgeons performing the procedure are able to obtain a beautiful aesthetic result, their training is not as specific to nerves in the vaginal area, which are integral for maintaining and enhancing sexual function. Further, while gynecologists are intimately familiar with vulvar structures, many are just beginning to “get their feet wet” with these procedures, and do not have specialized cosmetic training. Unlike Lindsay’s procedure, in which a scalpel was used, Dr. Jason utilizes a specialized laser in his surgeries, which enhances precision and decreases bleeding during the procedures. Pairing these cutting-edge techniques with Dr. Jason’s perfected skill yields beautiful surgical results.

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