As Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (vaginal tightening) has become more common and popular over the years, it has become known as the surgery many women have to repair their vaginas after childbirth. While many women who deliver vaginally do in fact seek out Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (and often other surgeries, such as labiaplasty) to restore their vaginas to their pre-pregnancy state, having children is NOT a requirement to be eligible for vaginal tightening procedures. In fact, many women who HAVE NOT had children still desire vaginal tightening. Why? Just like every other body part, women can have vaginas that are not naturally as tight as they would deem to be ideal. This yields less sexual gratification, which can leave women feeling frustrated and confused. Although it was originally thought that only women who have given birth are larger than 2 finger widths (the average breadth of an average penis), this is a myth. Rather, many women who have not had children have vaginal diameters of greater than 2 finger widths. Thus, the truth is that a number of young women desire to be tighter to increase their sexual excitement and pleasure.