As we all turned the calendar page from 2013 to 2014 many of us, as is customary, made New Years resolutions on how to improve ourselves moving forward. Dieting, quitting smoking, saving money, and exercise are among the most popular resolutions that we hear.

Do you remember yours?

As we approach the end of January, have you stuck to your resolutions or have you given up and reverted back to bad habits?

Do not get discouraged if you have slipped from your intended path of self improvement. Most people do in fact have a very difficult time changing behaviors which have not only been bad habits, but also a large part of our every day routines.

We at the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of New York understand your difficulties and would like to offer a piece of advice, a tool if you will which we find highly effective. Whenever you begin to feel the urge to revert and part take in bad habits, concentrate on repeating the following phrase to yourself.

“I love myself too much to……..”

If you repeat these words with a smile on your face you will soon notice that you hold all the power in making yourself a better thinking, feeling, and acting person.

Understand that the changes you intended to make, in most cases were to make you healthier person either physically or mentally. Understand that you MUST value yourself higher than your urges and you will learn to love yourself much more.