With the rise of bio-identical hormones and the subsequent youthful effects on a woman’s body, having an active and satisfying sex life has become common for women after 60. This is especially fantastic, because women in this age bracket previously viewed this period as an age where their sex life was behind them. Because these women are enjoying a healthy sex life, there are numerous positive outcomes. Most importantly, many women experience a restored sense of well-bring, which even spills over into their physical vitality (e.g., energy, exercise).

When people are in their 60s, they are typically at a tranquil place spiritually because they have a true understanding of who they are and the challenges of child rearing are long behind them. This tranquility coupled with replacement of lost hormones has given women back their vitality and their sex lives. This degree of physical, emotional and sexual well-bring provides the perfect environment for any necessary vaginal surgery. Sometimes it’s tightening (i.e., Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) to improve gratification. Sometimes, it’s labiaplasty (or Designer Laser Vaginoplasty) to restore the youthful appearance of the vagina (as the vagina, like any other part of the body, ages). Ultimately, options are available to enhance your sex life, even after 60!