Do you remember the days when hiding was possible?

Do you remember the days when your answering machine served as your “away message”, your symbol of unavailability? People would patiently wait for a return phone call for hours, sometimes days, without giving you the snarky snip of “I also tried texting you”. The fact that you answered neither, somehow fails to shed light on the fact that you don’t want to be contacted!

Those days are now a distant memory, for better AND for worse.

It’s great for the business owner who hasn’t had a break from work in months, even years, to be able to have a family getaway with their spouses and children, without missing a beat at work.

What often seems to get lost in translation is the word “getaway”. The word itself contradicts the very idea of staying connected.

Many families, who once came back from vacations with pictures and memories of uninterrupted time together, are having unfulfilling experiences because of the constant interruption of cell phones and emails.

When going away with loved ones, stay connected in the moment. Especially in the upcoming holiday season, enjoy memories of the past and create new ones by enjoying the time you are spending together.

Above all remember, there is no reason to be preoccupied with thoughts of others as those who care for you most are in your presence now!