Tender Loving Care—TLC: So many things in your life need this—your children, significant others, family, pets, your hair, your skin, your lawn, your car, and yes, even your vagina. Not unlike a car, your vagina needs routine, continuous care. On a regular basis, it is important to service it sexually, physically (aesthetically) and medically. For sexual service, some special time in the bedroom with your partner is strongly recommended. This sexual service can come about as part of a romantic outing, or even after a night of low key, yet quality time with your spouse. Physically, it is important to maintain your vagina aesthetically. Groom your vaginal area on a regular basis, keeping it attractive and appealing both for yourself and your regularly-scheduled sexual maintenance. Lastly, be sure to service your vagina medically, or rather, be sure to take her into the shop—your gynecologist—for regular check ups. Again, just like you can prevent your car from breaking down on the side of the road, your gynecologist can provide many preventative care services for you, such that you can receive treatment before a significant problem arises. Visiting your gynecologist for regular appointments allows your physician to detect abnormalities and provide possible solutions. Regular appointments allow for regular examinations, tests for common problems (e.g., pap smear), and opportunities to ask your doctor about minor concerns and prevent major concerns. Wouldn’t you rather come in for your yearly or twice-yearly check up, than unexpectedly have your vagina be out-of-order when you’re about to get into bed? Take care of her, and she’ll be happy, attractive, and healthy!