With the weather getting warmer and swimsuit season briskly approaching, ladies are beginning to pay extra attention to their bikini line and grooming habits. For those of you who choose to wax, be it bikini, Brazilian, or otherwise, be sure to choose a reputable place. Use word of mouth, ask friends, read online reviews, and do your research. Be sure to choose a place where the staff is professional, specialized effective techniques are utilized, and the facility is clean such that you protect your lady parts.

When waxing goes wrong, consequences can be tremendously painful. When the wrong technique is used and hot wax bonds to your labia minora (the delicate skin peeking out from your outer lips), when the wax and hair are pulled off, the labial skin is pulled too. This can cause the skin to stretch, which will not only be painful in the moment, but may also cause you later discomfort (e.g., if it pulls, begins to show when you wear a swimsuit, etc.). Also, for waxing establishments that fail to use proper protocol to clean their facility, the risk of infection from waxing goes up tremendously, which can cause painful problems and will likely warrant medical attention. We don’t want either of these scenarios for you ladies, so choose your waxing place carefully!

While all of these warnings need to be heeded, when you do choose the right place and the grooming is well done, you’ll love how you look and feel, plus you’ll be ready for swimsuit season and the bedroom!