Lately, there has been much written about all genitalia being different, and even further, that the before photos on doctors’ websites are actually all within the norm.Yes, perhaps that is true, but aren’t all or at least most breasts normal before they have implants? And how about noses? Are they not all “normal” before a rhinoplasty (nose job)? Of course they are, but normal does not mean ideal and aren’t we all striving to be the best we can be? This is not a quest to be perfect, but rather a movement towards being what we believe is our personal best.So, I wonder, do those who do not believe in Vaginal Rejuvenation leave the house without makeup? Will they grow grey without adding a hint of color? Will they lose muscle tone without restoring a youthful body with exercise? I doubt it.Vaginal Rejuvenation,tightening or labiaplasty are each just one more way a woman can look and feel the way they want to be.This is empowering and no one should be able to take away the choice of what we as women can do to our own bodies.