While we could go on forever detailing the numerous ways men and women differ, from how much they talk to willingness to ask for directions, anatomically-speaking, the main difference really comes down to one thing: genitalia.

While the acceptance for labiaplasty is growing, there is still some confusion out there, in that some still struggle to understand why women would want to seek surgery to fix their labia. Beyond the reasons we’ve reiterated seemingly a million times (e.g., pain during exercise or sex, self-confidence/insecurity), it really comes down to looking like a woman down-there and getting the genitalia she was supposed to have. When there’s extra labial skin that bunches up and protrudes, it doesn’t look very feminine and doesn’t help a woman feel like the woman she is. In fact, that extra hanging skin can even start to look like a tiny penis. Really, now, people?Can you really blame a woman for wanting to get rid of some extra protruding skin that resembles a male sex organ in the place she wants to feel most feminine?! Let her get the labia she was supposed to have, so she can feel attractive and confident about that body part for herself, for always.