As with the many things that have evolved over time, what women want seems to have changed so much.

In the 1950s, women wanted a husband, a home, and children.

In the 60s, it was sexual freedom of expression.

In the last few decades, women have wanted it all: partners, homes, children and professional satisfaction. For those fortunate to have everything on this checklist of life, women are torn—feeling like they are not putting 100% in at work, or 100% in at home. The truth is, no one can put in 100% everywhere. SO, when is being good going to be good enough? We have to learn to give everything our best shot, and then stop judging ourselves–because when we give everything we can, what more can we do? Maybe we should appreciate ourselves the way we appreciate others. And only then, once we recognize our contributions and forgive our imperfections, can we truly appreciate all that we do accomplish and truly experience all the happiness those achievements bring.