Ladies, we cannot say this enough: Get recommendations for wherever you choose to have your grooming done!! We’ve already written about it (Where You Wax Matters), but it’s worth another mention. Hair removal techniques, including waxing and laser hair removal, when performed incorrectly can have terrible, painful consequences. Both can result in serious burns if performed incorrectly. Just recently, a patient walked through our doors with 2nd degree burns she acquired from waxing that was executed incorrectly—so incorrectly that she had to seek immediate attention in the ER.

For those of you who wax, use these recommendations to find a quality establishment that yields safe, effective waxing, a.k.a. no burning and no labial pulling. AFTER having obtained a recommendation for a reputable place and a competent professional, utilize the resource you have found. If the establishment is closed when you want your wax, come back when it’s open instead of choosing some random other place. If your professional isn’t in when you go, come back when they are.

For those of you who choose laser hair removal, keep in mind that you are more likely to receive safe and effective service from a medical professional, as found in a physician’s office (consider your gynecologist, dermatologist or a plastic surgeon). Trust us—you don’t want severe laser burns from poor execution. While most doctors don’t perform laser removal themselves, they do often supervise other health professionals with significant medical training (e.g., nurse practitioners) in performing the procedure.

Use your social network and the internet to find an appropriate establishment with skilled professional to meet your hair removal needs, and you’ll be all set to hit the beach, or the sheets, with confidence!